Things to do in Kuwait

Shaheed park

Al Shaheed park, located on the periphery of Kuwait City, narrates the story of a land, its history and culture. The park consists of 200,000 m2 of greenery, featuring beautiful botanical gardens, two museums - Thekra & the Habitat, a visitor center, a lake, walkways and jogging tracks, making it the largest urban park in Kuwait.

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center – JACC

The cultural center is built to host cultural events like music concerts, Opera, Theater and so on. On the side, the architecture has an amazing garden with a dancing water fountain, which is never disappointing!

The Scientific center

TSCK is a cultural achievement and educational facility enriched with knowledge, which portrays fascinating architectural design that reflects Islamic art and culture. The walls contain ceramic depictions of stories that tell of Kuwait's history. The main building is comprised of 3 main attractions: The Aquarium, Discovery Place and IMAX Theater.

Souk Al- Mubarakiya

Must see when visiting Kuwait, one of old traditional Souks. When entering this place, you will feel the past with the simplicity of the local people’s, old mosques, old style buildings and renewed old shops. A range of authentic restaurants and cafes to enjoy.

Kuwait towers

The symbol of Kuwait, eat a leisurely brunch or dinner with locally inspired dishes in a buffet whilst viewing Kuwait from above. After dinner, head up to the viewing platform to get a 360-degree view of Kuwait.

Sadu house

The museum is located at a 1930s traditional house that is worth visiting just by itself: The museum contains a modest number, more doesn't always mean better and this is exactly the case here. You can see and actually touch the traditional tent cloths, decorations for camels.

Kuwait national museum

The Kuwait National Museum is a true representation of the Kuwaiti heritage and it is located on the Arabian Gulf Street between the Seif Palace and National Assembly. Designed by French architect Michel Ecochard, visitors can enjoy this historical museum, which represent the Kuwaiti life in the past, their everyday activities, the rich trading history of Kuwait and its traditions.

Tareq Rajab Museum

There is nothing more exciting like getting completely submerged in history and transported back in time by visiting a museum. The Tareq Rajab Museum- one of Kuwait’s small-scale distinct personal museums is a fantastic place to engage and enjoy in Kuwait. The Tareq Rajab collection is the private collection of antiquities by Kuwait's first Minister Tareq Sayed Rajab and his wife Jehan Wellborne, which include Islamic Arts, metal and glass works, Treasures of Ceramics, Gold and Silver jewelry, costumes of sheikhs and shepherds, English costumes, Bahraini pearls, pottery, metalwork, glass, masonry, manuscripts, and musical instruments.

The avenues mall

The Avenues is Kuwait’s ubiquitous and largest shopping mall in Kuwait with 850 + stores, which takes your shopping experience to a different level altogether! Crave anything? The avenues mall has a mixture of different cuisines from around the globe! The mall blends tradition and modernity, and the architecture sets new standards of contemporary building in the Arab world.

Marina mall

Marina mall has a wide number of brands for shopping and restaurants. It also has an amazing bridge connecting the mall to the beach and garden. Marina crescent has great views and different cafes and restaurants to enjoy your favorite coffee!

Grand mosque

The Grand Mosque of Kuwait is the 8th largest mosque in the world.  Its area spans 45,000 square meters, out of which the building itself covers 20,000 square meters, creating this mosque starting the project way back in 1979 and finally completing it seven years later in 1986. The Grand Mosque is an excellent example of the conventional Islamic architectural style and a heavily Persian structural design.


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